You became an entrepreneur because you dreamed and
believed it would make your life better, right?

And during the COVID crisis, I've reduced the investment by over 90% from the price in the video.  Everyone should have the chance to level up their business skills during the period they have the time to do so!

There are a lot of online courses and membership sites. However, as far as we know, this is one of the ONLY online programs that:

  • Is designed specifically for real world owners of growing businesses and not just online marketers or solo-preneurs
  • Covers as broad an array of topics a business owner needs to succeed as described below
  • Includes not only training, but also provides tools & resources to manage your financials, plan your marketing, performance-manage your team, develop strategic action plans as well strategic personal growth plans and more.

So let’s talk about Building a Business That Matters. In addition to giving you the security that profits provide you, a Business That Matters will make available to you:

  • The freedom to find time for family, friends and philanthropy
  • The confidence that comes with attracting and retaining responsible, ethical, hardworking staff you can trust
  • The pride of knowing you provide exceptional experiences to customers so they keep coming back and telling their friends
  • The happiness that comes from knowing you’re making a powerful and positive difference in the world.

Here’s what you get inside the Business That Matters Membership Portal…

Module 1: Personal Growth

This module guides you through a powerful and practical framework to help you design your life and choose activities that will move you from Victim or Bystander to Champion. The module includes downloadable resources and worksheets that will help you get clear on what matters most.

Video 1: Introduction to Personal Growth
Video 2: Top Right Living: Your Guide To a Fulfilling life
Videos 3-7: Exploring each of the 7 Keys To a Top Right Life
Video 8: Goal Digging: a new way of thinking about what you want the most.

Module 2: Strategic Action Planning

If you’ve ever felt lost and confused about what to do or overwhelmed by how much there seems to do, this module is a MUST. The videos in this module will help you move from the vision or dream you have for your business, to awareness of what’s working and not working as you move toward that vision and then to making clear decisions about what to do now and next. This process dramatically speeds your journey.

This module includes an incredibly robust strategic planning tool that does for you a lot of the heavy lifting.

Video 1: Introduction to The Module
Video 2: Introduction to Planning
Video 3: Strategic Planning: A simple model for laser focus
Video 4: The Process of Building Your Strategic Plan: Using a detailed a semi-automated tool and process to choose the focus that will most move the needle
Video 5: Creating & Executing Your Action Plan: The rubber hits the road when you put the plan into action. Turning your strategy into specific tasks assigned to specific people with deadlines and accountability is where the magic happens, especially when guided how to ensure the action plan is consistently executed.
Videos 6&7: Choice Management: I used this term rather than time management. You can’t change time, but you can manage what choices you make with time. These videos give you the skill to be your most effective and efficient.

Module 3: Attracting & Retaining Customers with Powerful Marketing and Sales

This module gives you a detailed training on how to plan and execute your marketing and sales activities so you both attract and retain the customers you want. You also have access to a detailed Marketing Planner, a guide to creating your Unique Selling Proposition, a tool to assist you design your Customer Experience Journey and a weekly Sale Management Tracker.

Video 1: Introduction to the Module
Video 2: Overview of Marketing Essentials
Video 3: Essential Marketing Techniques
Video 4: Building Your Marketing Plan
Video 5: Creating Your Unique Selling Proposition
Video 6: Getting a Response From Your Marketing
Video 7: Designing Your Customer’s Experience
Videos 8, 9 & 10: Sell Like A Professional: specific skills and techniques from moving people from prospects to buyers.

Module 4: The Process of Creating Processes

If you want to be free from the burden of daily operational involvement, you need to have systems that allow tasks to be done predictably and consistently without your detailed oversight. This module shows how to do this at both a macro and micro level. It also shows in a detailed way how to use financial statements to understand your business’ performance and how to make smart, informed decisions. To guide in this, you’ll have use of a powerful financial dashboard and a cash flow projection tool.

Video 1: Introduction to the Module
Video 2: Creating Systems At The Macro Level
Video 3: Creating Systems At The Micro Level
Videos 4, 5 & 6: By The Numbers: Understanding Your Financials
Video 7: Building Metrics That Will Run Your Business (for advanced businesses)

Module 5: Attracting, Retaining and Managing People For High Performance

If you don’t want to do everything yourself, you need people.

If you want your customers to have great experiences that keep them coming back, you need good people. And if you want to make money, you need effective people. This module is all about building a high performance team. You’ll receive tools to screen, develop, recognize your people and to delegate effectively

Video 1: Introduction To The Module
Video 2: Overview Of The World of People, Loyalty And Productivity
Video 3: Recruiting Top Performers
Video 4: Induction: How To On board Top Performers So They Stay
Videos 5 & 6: Manage Your People For Performance
Video 7: Structure Your Compensation For Loyalty & Performance
Video 8: How To Delegate To Get Results

Module 6: Principle

If you are to feel good and proud of your business, it can’t be run in a way that is inconsistent with your most important values. This module helps you build a values driven culture and become a values-based leader.

Video 1: Introduction to the Module
Videos 2, 3 & 4: Design and Build A Higher Performance Culture
Video 5: Become A Principled Leader

What’s fantastic about this program is that you can access the content you need when you need it. You don’t have to wait for each module. If you need to know how to develop systems, you’ll go right to the module on Process. If you are recruiting and are tired of hiring less than ideal people, you’ll want to head right into the module on People. If marketing and sales are keeping you up at night, you must go through the Promotions module.

And if you’re not sure where to begin, then the module on Planning will put you on the path.

Additional content in the form of interviews with successful ethical entrepreneurs and presentations by guest experts will be added throughout the year so there are ongoing opportunities to keep getting better, smarter and faster.

But who am I?

I’m Warren Coughlin. I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs to success for over 16 years. I was the top Canadian coach with the world’s largest business coaching organization before going on to focus on principled, values driven entrepreneurs who want to make a lot of money while making the world a better place.

I’m also a recovering lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a co-founder of the Canadian New Media Awards, a college professor as well as an actor and theatre director. I’m also the President of RTG Group Inc, a for profit social enterprise committed to alleviating hunger.

I’ve wanted to put this program together for a long time. It’s the distillation of everything I’ve learned over the past 30 years and that I’ve used to coach clients to freedom over the last 16.

The idea is this: if you know how to grow and run a profitable business in a way that delivers high value to customers and great experiences for your people, we all win. That’s because successful ethical entrepreneurs dedicated to improving, to succeeding and to helping others will make our world a much better place.

And the price of the whole program to give you comprehensive training in entrepreneurship and running your own business? Normally, this is only $97/month or JUST $997 if paid at once.  But because I want everyone to have the ability to up their skill levels during the COVID crisis, it is now all available for a one time payment of $77.

My clients pay me up to $30,000/year for the information in this program. So, sign up and you know you are getting everything you need to succeed.

Make Money. Have Fun. Make a Difference. Build A Business That Matters.

For COVID relief: $77 (One time)
Normal $97/month not available during COVID