Build a Business That Matters, Save a Ton of Money and Save Lives

You became an entrepreneur because you dreamed and believed
it would make your life better, right?

This program is about making that dream come true while helping others live the simple dream of having at least one meal/day.

When you accept the Million Meal Challenge, you will feed one person one meal/day. You will receive a tax receipt in the amount of $38/month AND you will receive an exclusive discount app that will give you access to thousands of discounts on virtually anything you buy on a regular basis for your home, your life or your business.  Trips, cars, supplies, restaurants, clothing, insurance, entertainment and more.AND there’s a special opportunity to win a trip for two as I’ll describe in a bit.

You will literally save thousands of dollars while feeding someone in need and while building a profitable Business That Matters.  In short, because the savings you’ll enjoy far outweigh the cost of the food you buy and of the education you receive, you win WAY MORE than you put in!

There are a lot of online courses and membership sites.  However, as far as we know, this is the ONLY online program that:

  • Is designed specifically for real world owners of growing businesses and not just online marketers or solo-preneurs
  • Covers as broad an array of topics a business owner needs to succeed as described below
  • That provides you the means to save many times more money than you invest
  • That gives you the opportunity every month to win a vacation
  • And that will have you provide a meal each day to someone in need so that you can feed your mind and feed a person at the same time.

So let’s talk about Building a Business That Matters. In addition to giving you the security that profits provide you, a Business That Matters will make available to you:

  • The freedom to find time for family, friends and philanthropy
  • The confidence that comes with attracting and retaining responsible, ethical, hardworking staff you can trust
  • The pride of knowing you provide exceptional experiences to customers so they keep coming back and telling their friends
  • The happiness that comes from knowing you’re making a powerful and positive difference in the world.

If you’ve ever been disappointed in a course, program or training because it’s all too general or too high level to be acted on, you’re going to love this. This isn’t a “motivational” program or an introductory program that is just a ploy to sell you more services. It’s hardcore training to make you, the ambitious and ethical entrepreneur, more successful and more fulfilled, more quickly.

Because of the specific techniques, skills, scripts, tools, financial dashboard and other resources available to you in this program, delivered through 40 videos spread across 6 modules, you’ll soon be able to:

  • Deploy the sales skills that successful sales professionals use everyday to convert prospects into buyers; skills that most entrepreneurs never learn
  • Develop an actionable strategic plan that guides you (and your leadership team if you have one) to take the right actions at the right time
  • Manage your time and help your team members do the same
  • Attract and retain high performers
  • Build the compensation models and performance management systems that motivate and develop those performers
  • Design and grow a high performance culture driven by values and purpose
  • Read and understand your financials so that you’re able to make smart, informed business decisions while managing your cash flow
  • Lead with principle and values
  • Design your business and your life so you enjoy maximum fulfillment
  • and more…

What’s fantastic about this program is that you can access the content you need when you need it. You don’t have to wait for each module. If you need to know how to develop systems, you’ll go right to the module on Process. If you are recruiting and are tired of hiring less than ideal people, you’ll want to head right into the module on People. If marketing and sales are keeping you up at night, you must go through the Promotions module.

And if you’re not sure where to begin, then the module on Planning will put you on the path.

Additional content in the form of interviews with successful ethical entrepreneurs and presentations by guest experts will be added throughout the year so there are ongoing opportunities to keep getting better, smarter and faster.

But who am I?

I’m Warren Coughlin.  I’ve been coaching entrepreneurs to success for over 16 years.  I was the top Canadian coach with the world’s largest business coaching organization before going on to focus on principled, values driven entrepreneurs who want to make a lot of money while making the world a better place.

I’m also a recovering lawyer, a serial entrepreneur, a co-founder of the Canadian New Media Awards, a college professor as well as an actor and theatre director.  I’m also the President of RTG Group Inc, a for profit social enterprise committed to alleviating hunger.

I’ve been wanting to put this program together for a long time.  It’s the distillation of everything I’ve learned over the past 30 years and that I’ve used to coach clients to freedom over the last 16.

The idea is this: if you know how to grow and run a profitable business in a way that delivers high value to customers and great experiences for your people, we all win.  That’s because successful ethical entrepreneurs dedicated to improving, to succeeding and to helping others will make our world a much better place.

You will get access to 2 topics for free: The Three Killer Mistakes That Sentence You To Disheartening Profits, Sleep-Stealing Stress and Grindingly Long Hours (which gives a powerful introduction to what you need to learn to succeed) and Top Right Living: Your Introduction to a Fulfilling Life.

And the price of the whole program to give you comprehensive training in entrepreneurship and running your own business?  To feed a hungry person every month?  To gain access to a private discount app that will save you thousands of dollars on things you buy for your business and your life everyday?  Only $67 US and $77/month CAD.  You must register by the country you live in as the discount app you receive is country specific.

My clients pay me up to $30,000/year for the information in this program.  So, sign up and you know you are getting everything you need to succeed.

Below is a list of all the modules and the individual videos.  You’ll see immediately how comprehensive this is.  So, don’t hesitate.  Start building the practice and business you want and deserve.  Create a Business That Matters.  Register below for your first 2 topics for free.

If you are facing issues in your business that are addressed in any of the modules below, and want to get at it, simply join in the program right away and you’ll get instant access.

And, I mentioned that you can win a trip.  We want to create a thriving community of entrepreneurs who, together, provide one million meals.  That means we need just over 2700 entrepreneurs to join this program.  We want your help to do this.  When you refer someone who joins this program, you’ll be eligible to win a cruise for 2.  For every 1,000 people who join, there will be one vacation every month.  So if we succeed in attracting 3,000 entrepreneurs to this program, you will have a chance to win one of 36 trips when you invite someone to Build a Business That Matters and they accept the challenge.

So jump in now. Either take on the free sample videos or dive into the full program right away and start developing the skills you need. Whichever way you go, join now.

Make Money. Have Fun. Make a Difference. Build A Business That Matters.

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